Silent Auction Ideas

A silent auction is a great way for your organization to raise money. We have found that some organizations don’t raise as much money as they thought they would and yet other organizations raise even more than they thought using the same platform. We want you to be successful so we made it simple for you to be in the latter group. We created this e-book to help you organize and plan your silent auction. Even if you never held a silent auction before, we give you the tools and step-by-step process to assure success.

This e-books contains all the silent auction basics you need. We explain how to keep the bid process easy. You don’t want to lose donations or bidders because the process is too long or to drawn out. We also answer the question, “what items should I sell”? Some items generate large bids while some generate very small bids if any at all. The more large bid generators you provide, the more money you can make.

Silent Auction Ideas

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