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Credit Card Processors for Non Profits


What’s the best way to process credit cards for your non profit? These days when it comes to non profit credit card processing, you’ve got options. Many of the old standbys still hold up and may still be the best solution for your not for profit, but if you’re a smaller organization, always on the go, a one man or woman operation, there may be a better or easier way for you to process credit cards.



Why does it matter? The easier you make it for donors to pay by credit cards, the more likely they’ll be to donate. Let’s face it, we all tend to splurge a little when using the credit cards. You want those donors to donate a little more, so be sure to find ways to encourage credit card use. The non profit credit card processing system that you choose can make a huge difference in your charitable donations.

Think of it like this, the more credit card payment options you provide, the more donations you’ll receive. Older people tend to be set in their ways, so find credit card processors that cater to their tendencies. Younger people, tend to like instant satisfaction, so an easy pay app may be the best choice for them.

How you accept donations and process them can make or break your fundraising goals. So, what are some of the best non profit credit card processing systems?

Mobile Credit Card Processor Options

Square is a virtual terminal similar to Paypal.  If you’re holding a silent auction and want to make a quick sell in person. Square or Paypal may be your best bet. These options are user friendly and trusted. They both offer mobile payment options. This option is still fairly new to the game, so there are many new options popping up. PaySImple has simplified credit card processing even further. It allows you to pay with credit cards, eChecks, recurring billing and more with no hidden fees.

Accept Online Donations

If you want to accept donations online, you will need a merchant processing account that gives you tools to set up a donate button on your website. Paypal is a good option with a simple, customizable donate button. Many donors will want to set up a recurring donation. Be sure to check that the credit card processing option you choose offers this option.

Sell Items Online

If you want to sell donated items online for a silent auction, you can use an online silent auction software site like CharityAuctionsToday. When you set up an auction, they take care of the credit card processing for you. Try a free silent auction demo.


Collect Online Donations without a Credit Card Processor

Many credit card companies offer their cardholders the option to make online donations through their websites.

Amazon Pay allows users to accept donations on their websites or on Amazon. Users can contribute by logging in with their Amazon accounts. These days, it’s even simpler, donors can donate just by talking to Alexa.

Amazon also offers AmazonSmile. In your membership newsletter be sure to ask your contributors to add you to AmazonSmile. When they click on AmazonSmile before shopping, your organization will get a small percentage as a contribution. is a great donation sites for nonprofits. It allows donors to make gifts on behalf of others and enables memorial gifts. But, there’s a processing fee of 4.5%.

Similar to AmazonSmile, PayPal Giving Fund allows charitable organizations to enroll  and then supporters donate on PayPal, eBay, and other online platforms. They receive the donations and provide receipts to donors granting funds to charities, directly to their PayPal accounts.

Today, there are so many options for credit card processing for nonprofits, don’t be left in the dark. Choose one or all of these non profit credit card processing options to increase your donations through credit cards. The more options that you give your donors, the more likely your non profit will reap the rewards of charitable giving during your fundraisers.

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