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200 Inventive Fundraising Ideas

fundraising-ideasThe successful beginning of any fundraising event begins with a creative idea that not only can generate revenue, but will also excite both the donors and the volunteers.

With this full list of 200 fundraising ideas we are sure you and your team will find an inventive fundraiser that you can modify to perfectly match your organization’s needs and resources. Read More —>

Section 1 – Fundraising Ideas
Section 2 – Fundraising Basics
Section 3 – Church and Religious Group Fundraising Ideas
Section 4 – College Fundraising Ideas
Section 5 – Corporate Fundraising Ideas
Section 6 – General Fundraising Ideas
Section 7 – Free Homemade Fundraising Ideas
Section 8 – School Fundraising Ideas
Section 9 – Sport Fundraising Ideas

How To Write A Good Donation Letter

Sitting in the evening making the list for tomorrows dinner. Candle light and old wood block for background

Charity fundraising offers a rare feel-good factor to a huge number of caring people, giving donors and organizers the chance to make a real difference by helping the people who need it most.

Let’s be up front – fundraising isn’t easy. Passion, commitment and dedication are all necessities for fundraising, as well as a willingness to get the job done, no matter what it takes. Read More —>

14 Ways To Increase Your Donor List

marketing information for fundraisers1) Donors Have Gone Mobile

We have all seen the phenomenon. Go to any public place and watch how people interact.

People are constantly on their mobile devices. At the mall, sitting in a restaurant, even driving (which is not recommended).

Every generation seems to have caught on to the concept of being connected and to truly connect with potential donors, you have to meet them where… Read More —>

Social Media Marketing For Fundraising

social-login-for-emailsMost organizations know they need to use social media marketing to further their goals, but very few groups have executed an effective strategy to harness this powerful tool.

With the ease of staying connected via mobile, tablets and other wireless devices, people are spending… Read More —>
Section 1 – Facebook Marketing For Fundraisers
Section 2 – Instagram Marketing For Fundraisers
Section 3 – Twitter Marketing For Fundraisers
Section 4 – Pinterest Marketing For Fundraisers
Section 5 – LinkedIn Marketing For Fundraisers

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