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LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for executives and professionals.

With over 300 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, the network boasts over 3 million LinkedIn business pages.

As reported by HubSpot’s “18 Fresh Stats” 43% of all businesses found a customer through LinkedIn in 2013.

The network also has the distinction of driving more customers for B2B organizations than any other social network.

A recent HubSpot study called “LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter” reported that over 5,000 businesses found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

Unlike other social media channels, executives and volunteers’ LinkedIn presence may be critical for any fundraising group looking to establish and expand its web presence as a professional organization.

A LinkedIn company page may be the hub that allows supports, volunteers and donors to have a true business connection.

It can also naturally allow your group to experience more exposure with like minded and connected professionals.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

linkedin-imageLinkedIn highlights business professionals, their education and employment background and those they have connected with through these endeavors.

This automatically allows you to interact and even focus interests, while growing exposure and connections with well-established organizations to leverage LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded professionals who want to donate their talents and resources.

After creating a business page for your fundraising group or charity, you can increase your visibility and reach by engaging your audience with updates, news, communicating your story, and building brand awareness.

To maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Business pages keep these points in mind:

Encourage your team to connect with the Business Pages

With the acceptance of LinkedIn with business professionals, odds are your staff, supporters, donors, board members, and volunteers are keeping their own LinkedIn pages and employment histories up-to-date.

Having a company page enables people in your network to directly link to you on their own profiles, instantly expanding your visibility to their individual networks which will increase your brand awareness and potentially drive interested people to your website or donation pages.

Regular Updates & Post

Due to LinkedIn’s focus on the business professional, it is perfectly suited to post your new blog posts, eBooks, or articles about your cause and market segment as your “status updates” to engage followers.

Share relevant facts or helpful content you’ve found to remain a knowledgeable resource in your field, or ask a question to prompt followers to interact with your posts.

Keep in mind that this social network is dominated by busy professionals who are more interested in substance than entertainment.

With this network, quality will always do more for your group than quantity.

Do not post as often as you might with Facebook, and only post relevant content that your followers will actually consider valuable.

Leadership Interaction With Group Pages

LinkedIn’s “Group” pages are the network’s most powerful way to connect users with similar interests and values.

These are the thousands of unique discussion pages dedicated to almost every topic under the sun. Once a follower joins a group, they rarely leave.

According to Digital Marketing Ramblings, “By the Numbers: 100 Amazing LinkedIn Statistics

  • Every second 2 people join the network
  • 8,000 new groups are created weekly
  • 200 conversations happen per minute in groups
  • LinkedIn members join an average of 7 groups
  • 81% of members join at least one group, and 52% of those users participate in group discussions

You can add Feature Groups to your company page to show up to 3 groups that you manage or are a member of.

This can be a great way to highlight your community ties and build credibility as an organization.

To add Feature Groups In LinkedIn simply:

1) Click “Edit” at the top of the Home tab of your company page
2) Start typing the name of the group you want to add
3) Click “Publish” in the top right corner

By adding Groups you are passionately interested you can not only locate and build connections with other people with similar ideologies, but it can also establish you as a thought leader among your target audience.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Group Pages

Choose the right groups

Choose active groups with a smaller membership base. Many groups are very “spammy,” so participating in a well-moderated group of a few hundred members can often provide more value than a several thousand-member group.

Browse the group’s content and activity to see if members are engaged. Proactively visit and participate in your top groups at least 2-3 times a week.

It’s generally more valuable to seriously invest in a few groups rather than dabble in many.

Focus on Credibility

While there is always the temptation of posting your own content as soon as you join a group, you should resist this and focus on the existing discussions.

If you start posting your content too fast you will quickly put off existing group members and moderators.

Focus your initial efforts on building a reputation as someone who will add value to the discussion.

Make a good first impression by commenting on existing threads, asking questions and providing valuable insights.

Users who find your input helpful may go on to check out your company page or even your website.

Demonstrate first that you want to learn and network; this can help build a more solid foundation for sharing your own content later on.

Participate in discussions

Actively participating in groups can help build authority and trust within your networks.

Respond to existing comments (especially those targeted to you), ask thought-provoking questions, provide helpful insights, and offer sound opinions to demonstrate the thought leadership of your organization.

LinkedIn highlights the most “Popular” threads at the top of the group discussion page, so participating in these featured conversations can help your comments gain more visibility.

Browsing the associated comments will also give you a better feel for what kind of content gets the most engagement on that particular group page.

Engage with other posts

LinkedIn groups are meant to help you build and expand your network. Don’t be afraid to promote and engage with other users’ posts to help build connections.

Like and comment on other group members’ posts. Consider sharing valuable ones as a status update on your company page.

Promoting others’ content will help strengthen individual relationships and help others recognize you as a social influencer and sharer.

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