How It Works

24Fundraiser makes it easy for you to start raising money. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

Donation Forms

As donors use your forms to make payments or donate money, our powerful software will also provide an accurate way to collect and analyze your data.

What is a donation form?

A payment/donation form is a page that allows your organization to easily collect one time or ongoing monthly donations. It can be customized to meet your needs.

How do I create a donation form?

Simply use our set-up wizard to create customizable forms to capture as much data as you want from your donors.


How can I use this donation form?

Donation forms can be used for many purposes. A few ideas are listed below.

  • Forms can be used to take credit card payments.
  • Have a Friday night pizza fundraiser. Let donors order pizzas and collect payments online.
  • Collect dues payments from your members. Run a report showing who paid and who didn’t.

  • Let your members pay for their tuition with reoccurring payments online.
  • Register for your golf outing and collect payments online
  • Sports team registration can be held online


Payment forms are just the beginning

Payment forms are used to process your day-to-day and monthly recurring revenue. As you grow and need to raise additional funds, we have built-in tools to help you. These campaigns are easy to set up and can be run thru your account at any time.

  • Sell event tickets
  • Event registration
  • Online auctions
  • Live/silent auction management
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Crowdfunding

Everything you do to raise money, can be run thru your 24fundraiser account.

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