Fundraising Techniques for Nonprofits

fundraising techniques for non profits

Fundraising Techniques for Nonprofits


It may seem obvious, but if you’re new to fundraising, these simple fundraising techniques for nonprofits are quick ways to raise money in a pinch.  Of course, it is better to organize and plan your fundraising strategy in advance, but sometimes, in a crunch, you need to raise money fast.


fundraising techniques for non profits


5 Quick Ways Nonprofits Can Raise Money Fast


  • If you’re having an event, selling tickets in advance (way in advance if necessary) is a fundraising technique to raise money fast. Offer donors an early bird special to encourage early sales and raise money that you need for current expenses and upcoming event needs.


  • The best measure of future behavior is past behavior. So, if you need to raise money quickly, contact those who have given in the past. Share with them your current fundraising goals and let them know why the need is more urgent now. People like to feel like they matter. Knowing that they can help you reach your goal and make a difference, can be motivating for many donors.


  • Start a social media campaign. Reach out to your donors, even if they can’t give at this time, ask them to hold a social media fundraiser for you. You provide a link to a silent action where you offer donated event tickets or restaurant gift certificates or even just a link to an online fundraising site like Go Fund Me. Then, have your donors share the link in a social media post that asks their friends to kindly give to make a difference.


  • Your most loyal donors can also host small fundraising events in their own homes. Depending on your goals, donors can have small get togethers or dinner parties and ask their friends to give to your cause. Don’t forget to have them live Tweet or Post to Facebook during the event. This may encourage additional donors to give.


  • Plan a fundraising campaign on a smaller scale. Get your team organized with a quicker deadline. Plan the event to end in two weeks or a month. Make it a contest, see which team can raise the most money in the shortest amount of time. Let them brainstorm their own ways to raise money fast and go for it. Keep track of donations with Paypal or another mobile pay option.


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