Fundraising Apps for Schools

fundraising apps for schools

Cool Apps for School Fundraising

In these times of technology, if you’re running a school fundraiser, you’ll want to keep up with all of the cool apps for school fundraising. To keep your millennial parents interested, add tech to your school fundraisers. We found some apps that are easy for anyone to include in their school fundraising efforts. These fundraising apps for schools will help keep your audience (donors) engaged with your fundraising goals.

5 Apps to Help with School Fundraisers

Visit Cool Fundraising Ideas to get the code for your site.

  • It doesn’t getting any simpler than this, add a Donate button to your website and collect funds through Paypal. All you need to do is insert a bit of code where you want the button to appear. Let your donors know via text, email, or the school newsletter. It’s easy and convenient.

  • Need to make event flyers for the community? Maybe you want to send out branded postcards? Yep, there’s an app for that. No need to use outdated sources like Vistaprint. Get with the times and use a mobile app. PicMonkey is a simple design tool app that is easy for anyone to use. You can use it for brick and mortar signage or social media memes. They offer a variety of preset templates.
  • Want to sell tickets online without the hassle? Yep, you guessed it. There’s an app for that too. Eventbrite does payment processing for you. You set up your event and they do the rest. Free tickets are always free, but if you’re selling tickets, they charge a small fee per ticket.

PTO Today has a great article that includes 22 Apps to Make your Fundraising easier. Check it out, it includes lots of ways to help with planning and organizing your school fundraising event.

Don’t keep your school fundraiser in the dark ages, keep up with the times by using the fundraising apps for schools listed above, but also be sure to use social media. Facebook is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your donors. Your school or PTO/PTA Facebook page is a great way to reach your donors.

These days, everyone is on Facebook. Ask them to like your Facebook page via the school newsletter or a cool postcard that you created to send home with students.  Offer to giveaway a gift card to encourage sign ups. Then, make a post about your upcoming school fundraiser and ask people to comment to enter a random drawing. Pick the winner with a comment picker.

See how easy it is to add a bit of technology to your school fundraiser? You’ll be the coolest school fundraising chairman yet when you use these fundraising apps for schools.

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