6 Simple Valentine Fundraiser Ideas for Elementary and Middle School

simple valentine fundraiser ideas for elementary classroom

simple valentine fundraiser ideas for elementary classroom

If you’re doing a simple classroom fundraiser to raise money for a special project, getting the class involved is a great way to build up items to sell auction style or just outside the classroom in the morning and after school. These 6 simple Valentine Fundraiser ideas for elementary and middle school are easy to plan and implement quickly.

If you get the art teacher involved, you can prep classroom crafts and have student make something unique to sell at their desks, then invite parents and other classrooms in to purchase the items. You’ll want to publicize the sell in the school newsletter, website, or make flyers.

6 Simple Valentine Fundraiser Ideas for Elementary and Middle School:

Make it something simple, but useful like these handmade heart magnets for the fridge by Red Ted Art.

Or these fabulous heart shaped bath bombs  from The Suburban Mom that any mom would love to get from her favorite Valentine.

Another way to raise classroom money is to purchase foam hearts and turn them into magnets. Buy a bunch of colored Sharpies too, Then, sell the hearts for $1 each and let the purchaser write an uplifting saying for their favorite teacher, parent, or friend.

These days you can’t have a homemade bake sale. That’s a bummer. However, the kids can still get crafty and create homemade cupcake pics for the store bought variety. These photo

pics are fun. Imagine if they were the school principal or a favorite teacher.

A unique idea for a classroom fundraiser is an escape room! Do a Valentine’s day theme escape room. The entire class can help design and layout the room. It makes a great lesson too! They move around with a table or phone and QR codes.

Have a teacher raffle! Who hasn’t had a crush on their teacher? Offer a teacher up for raffle. The winner gets to spend a lunch date at a special table with their favorite teacher. Be sure to dress up the table with nice linens, battery powered candles for ambiance, and a vase of red roses.
Looking for more ideas for a school fundraiser? Charity Auctions Today has some great ideas too.

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