Whether you’re a youth group director, elementary school teacher, 4H or Scout Troop leader, it’s likely you’re  in a position where you need to plan a fundraiser. Finding fundraising ideas that kids can do and will enjoy is a tricky task. Luckily, we’re here for you! We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 easy fundraising ideas for kids. So, go out and have some fun fundraising!


Snake Fundraiser

Snake fundraisers are all over the internet. Seems like an odd choice for a fundraiser, right? Don’t worry, you aren’t selling snakes. There’s no snake charming involved either. This is a simple fundraiser for young children that’s easy and super fun!

All you have to do is make a snake. This fundraiser is similar to penny wars, but you make snakes instead.

First, ask the kids to collect coins from their piggy jars, clean out under the couch cushions, inside the car’s ashtray, or grandpa’s pockets.

Next, set aside an area to create your snakes. The floor works nicely, but if you plan to have the fundraiser last for a few days, a window sill or table in the corner work best. Watch the snake grow each day as the children get more and more excited and continue to bring in pocket change.

To make it more exciting, divide into teams and have each team see who can build the biggest snake!

Pajama Day

Have a dress code at school? Give the kids a break and let them wear pajamas one day! What’s the catch? Anyone who wants to wear their pjs to school has to pay $1.

Family Picture Day

Family picture day is just like school picture day, but more fun! Grab a camera or a really good smartphone, set up a great location with a great backdrop for family photos and snap family pictures.

This is also a great idea to add to a school carnival or a fall festival as an extra money maker.

Once they choose their favorite family photo, create magnets, t-shirts, or other customized items to sell to raise money for your fundraiser!

Parents Night Out

Parents’ Night Out fundraisers allow parents a break! Maybe they just want to take a nap or catch up on some chores. However, parents will also love the opportunity to use it as a shopping night or date night.

Ask your PTA or PTO members to volunteer to watch the kids at school one evening. Set up board games, a movie room, or even a gamer’s room. Make sure there are a variety of get moving activities too.

Collect money in advance or at the door. If you collect n advance, you’ll have a better idea of how many chaperones to include at your event.

Shoe Fundraiser

Have you heard of a shoe drive? Shoe drive fundraisers are not only a good way to raise money, but they’re also a great way to give back to the community.

Most parents find themselves with perfectly good, like new shoes that don’t fit their kids rapidly growing feet. With a shoe fundraiser, gently worn shoes are donated. You’ll need bags to collect and organize all of the shoes. Many organizations offer collection supplies to get you started.

Send out emails and newsletters to your school or church  community to let them know details about the shoes you need and the deadline for donating. Then contact and organization like Funds2Orgs to collect the shoes. These groups weigh the shoes and send you a check based on weight, so be sure to collect as many gently worn shoes as possible!

Class Cookbook

Class cookbooks are super fun to create! Give the students index cards and have them reach out to their parents and their grandparents and ask for a favorite recipe.

Collect all the recipes, organize them by type, and layout a cookbook on your computer. It’s super easy, lots of teachers have the skills to create the books or publish it with Amazon publishing tools. Set a price, turn a profit, and collect those fundraising dollars!

Rubber Ducky Race

Every kid loves a rubber ducky race. These days, rubber duckies come in holiday themes and sporty colors. You can order your favorite style rubber ducks from Oriental Trading.

Then, number the ducks from 1 to how many every race participants that you have. Donors will donate with a registration fee. Encourage them to register more than once, so they’ll have several ducks in the race!

Collect in-kind donations from local retailers and advertise to let participants know what prizes the winning duck gets!


A read-a-thon fundraiser is much like a walk-a-thon. All participants get as many sponsors as they can for the most books read, most pages read per minute, or most chapters read in a day.

Game Night

A classic, easy fundraising idea for kids, board games are fun any time, but especially for a family game night.

Set up as many game tables with different games as you can. Every family pays an admission fee to attend and then can move from table to table trying out all of the cool games.

Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball. What’s more fun than playing? Watching your parents play, of course. Encourage parents to sign up with workmates, other family members, or just a group of friends.

All you need to do is charge a registration fee and a small entrance fee at the door. To make more money, get in-kind donations and sell concessions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 easy fundraising ideas for kids. Have you tried one of these easy kid fundraisers? Comment and tell us how it went!

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